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Impact begins with relationship.

Where’s Ms. Michele and Mr. Thom?

If you spend any time around Front Porch Ministry, you’re bound to hear this question, “Where’s Ms. Michele or Mr. Thom?” After spending much of my Saturday serving alongside Thom and Michele, I heard this question A LOT today. I really began to appreciate this question by seeing a glimpse into the impact Thom and Michele have on these kids and single moms in their neighborhood.

When I serve at Front Porch Ministry, I’m a volunteer. I’m another face, person who is there to help these families for a day, but not Thom and Michele. They are serving every day. They live with these families and kids every day. When God called Thom and Michele to East Nashville 10 years ago, he didn’t ask them to show up once a week and love on these kids, he called them to move and do life with these families.

It’s evident as you see the Hazelip children running around with the neighborhood kids. It’s evident when a mom smiles from ear-to-ear when she sees Michele come out the front door. It’s evident when you see teenage boys choose to help set-up for an event with Thom on a Saturday rather than get in trouble with their peers. It’s evident as you see the love of Christ beaming in all they do through Front Porch Ministry.

I couldn’t do what Thom, Michele, and the entire Hazelip family do on a daily basis. God didn’t call me to move to East Nashville, but I’m so glad he called Thom and Michele. I’m thankful he brings people around them to support them. People who volunteer, donate, and encourage them to continue to do the work God has called them to do. People to help support them so kids can continue to ask, “Where’s Ms. Michele and Mr. Thom?”

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