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Evelyn Spence Memorial Fund

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On Sunday, May 19th, our beloved Evelyn passed away in a tragic car accident. She was on her way to see her brothers and sisters in Jackson, TN. Her older brother, ten-year-old DaeDae, was in the car as well and suffered a broken leg.

Evelyn has been a part of the Front Porch family for years and years. If you’ve volunteered with us in the past, you probably remember her beautiful smile and her confident dance moves. We miss her SO much, but we know she’s dancing with Jesus now. We’re so honored to be trusted to walk in relationship with her family this week. We’ve worked with Evelyn’s mother, Shetika, to create a donation page, help with funeral plans, and enroll Shetika and her two kids in grief counseling at Banebow.

Evelyn’s mother, Shetika Spence, is the sole provider for her children. She has worked the same hourly job for the past three years and recently added a second hourly job to her plate in order to make ends meet. Since these are hourly jobs, no bereavement time is available and no income will be coming in to support her family. Shetika is taking unpaid time off work to emotionally support her children.

This fund will go toward Evelyn’s funeral, DaeDae’s hospital bill, and family expenses during this difficult season. All donations are tax-deductible. You will receive a year-end receipt for your records.

To mail a check, please write “Evelyn” in the memo and mail to:
Front Porch Ministry
PO Box 281827
Nashville, TN 37228

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