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Impact begins with relationship.

2016 Family2Family Christmas Adoptions

2016 Family2Family Christmas Family Adoption

November 16 – December 14

Thank you so much for your interest Front Porch Ministry’s 8th Annual Family2Family Christmas Adoption.

The hope of the Family2Family Christmas Adoption Campaign is to provide Christmas gifts and needed items for  Nashville families who are less fortunate. Our goal is to select 30-35 families (representing around 160-175 people, depending on how much is raised) that we know who have all completed applications and “contracts” and who are currently in need and willing to walk (or continue to walk) in relationship with Front Porch Ministry and who are committed to taking advantage of community events, service opportunities and life skills classes with our ministry.  We limit the number of families selected so that we can better serve 

All funds donated are tax deductible and will be used to purchase Gift cards by Front Porch Ministry through designated funds that are collected between November 16 – December 14. The gift cards will be given (along with a Christmas stocking full of treats) to each family to purchase Christmas gifts. Many of the families we serve, do not have transportation or the means of shopping. So we are offering to take many of them shopping along with volunteers on December 12th. Adopting families and the families being adopted are all been invited for times of connection to go shopping and wrap their gifts with volunteers on December 17th and to attend our Women’s Gathering on December 3rd.  These upcoming events are designed to encourage relationships and hope through connection. We will also have many more opportunities for connection throughout the year as well.

In the past we have connected families directly and allowed the shopping and donation to go directly from the donor to the family and have had both blessings and challenges. Although we LOVE the connection of families, we have come to learn that it is very import10351734_10152873234916382_653990972775163552_nant that the family (or families) donating financially remain anonymous to our families receiving so that new relationships between our Front Porch families and volunteer (and donating families) can begin on a neutral ground that is not based on giving and receiving materially, but instead on friendship and hope.  We have found that this protects the families donating from being asked for financial assistance again from our families struggling in crisis. We are requiring that all donations & family assistance take place through Front Porch Ministry to keep ongoing relationships & friendships alive with healthy boundaries place. There will be lots of opportunities for face-to-face interactions among families throughout the Christmas Season and throughout the coming year. Relationships are key to impacting others.

Here is how easy it will work this year…


  1.  Go to our donation page
  2. Select – DONATE at the top
  3. Select Tab – ONE-TIME DONATION
  4. Select – AMOUNT TO BE DONATED (Suggested donation for adoptions below*)


  1. Make Check payable to Front Porch Ministry and designate in the memo line “F2F Christmas Fund”
  2. Mail (prior to 12/13/16) to Front Porch Ministry PO Box 281827 Nashville, TN 37228

YOU CHOOSE HOW MUCH – Every Bit helps!

Our Suggested donation is $50-$75 per family member which provides each person adopted:

Something they NEED, Something to WEAR, Something for FUN

  • Adopt 1 or more person from a family = Suggested Donation of $50-$75 per person
  • Adopt a family of 2 (we have 4 families of this size) = Suggested Donation $100-$150
  • Adopt a family of 3 (we have 5 families this size) = Suggested Donation of $150-$225
  • Adopt a family of 4 (we have 3 families this size) = Suggested Donation of $200-$300
  • Adopt a family of 5 (we have 7 families this size) = Suggested Donation of $250-$375
  • Adopt a family of 6 (we have 4 families this size) = Suggested Donation of $300-$450
  • Adopt a family of 10 (we have 1 family this size) = Suggested Donation of $500-$750
  • Adopt a family of 13 (we have 2 families this size) = Suggestion Donation of $650 -$975


Pray for our families during the Christmas Season and hopefully even beyond. Some of these families are battling some pretty difficult circumstances and generational hardships and/or addictions that have had a hold on their families for years. Pray for their freedom from addictions and strongholds and that they would know the hope and love of their Savior, Jesus Christ. If you have a desire to adopt a specific family and/or would like more details on the family who will be receiving a gift card from you, please let me know. I can provide you information about the family so that you can connect and pray specifically for them.


Two upcoming events are volunteer opportunities for you to connect with your family, even though your donation will remain anonymous. 
  • Women’s Gathering Brunch (women only) – December 3rd – 10:30-1:30 at Salvation Army Berry Street Chapel 225 Berry Street Nashville, TN 37207
  • Shopping/Wrapping & Lunch (all welcome) – Date is December 17, 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and will begin at Front Porch Ministry (200 Treutland Ave Nashville, TN 37207) and shop at Walmart (Nolensville Road) 
  • There are always a few moms who cannot shop the date of the “shopping/wrapping & lunch” date above and will need assistance with a special shopping trip with their gift card.
We realize that you are choosing to put less under your “tree” so that you can put more under some else’s “tree” who is less fortunate. We are so grateful for your partnership in making Christmas a special time for all the families we serve. Please let me know if you have any questions or are interested in volunteering in these upcoming events or learning about our other events.
Michele Hazelip
Front Porch Ministry
615.268.6332 (texting is best way to get ahold of me)
“Impact Begins with Relationship!” 



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